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Our Story
People deserve a better way to work.
Our inspiration

The rise of digital marketing has created more opportunities for brands to connect with consumers. But with this opportunity comes complexity. Marketers have found it increasingly difficult to keep up and have gotten further away from doing what they love — telling great brand stories. Email, spreadsheets and meetings have become more harmful than helpful. We know there has to be a better way to work.

A better way

People are what make great brand marketing possible. We looked at what they were doing every day in order to understand the problem. We found that people are just trying to work better together. People work better together when they can speak the same language, see the same thing and work together in the same space — within the context of the big picture. This is what the Opal platform delivers.

The way forward

Opal is your “Source of truth” for all the moving pieces of your brand. We're creating the standard of how brand marketing is done by empowering the people that live in the brand marketing process. We’ve always believed in the people that are building brands, and that won’t change. Just like in the beginning, our focus will remain on discovering better ways to collaborate.

The standard will be set together, no matter how the marketing landscape changes.
Our Mission
To unite the people that live the brand marketing process.

Everything we do supports the humans behind the brands – helping marketers do their best work without sacrificing their nights and weekends.


Opal adapts to your people, process and tools, ensuring that teams of any size or complexity can reach the goals of their organization.


Away with clutter, misunderstanding and assumptions – we help keep everything tidy, creating a clear space for your team collaboration to thrive from start to finish.


Opal maintains order to keep your whole marketing organization united regardless of any complexities added to the mix.

The Opal Values

As we grow, we grow together because of these founding principles, which provide the foundation to be exceptional.


Every single touchpoint reflects an experience for an audience — whether it's a support call, sales pitch, or customer review. Seek to deliver intentional value for your audience. This is how we win every moment.


Everyone is going through his or her own unique struggles, including our customers and coworkers. Accepting this and seeking understanding makes us more human, which allows us to do better work.


We are committed to creating an environment where people can come in and do the best work of their lives. Your commitment is to show up with passion and pursue the opportunity. 


In solving problems, it’s important that we approach them with deep understanding. Don’t just apply other people’s solutions to tick a box. Create your own solutions that fit Opal. And always strive to make them better.  


We value people who take initiative. If there is something to be done and you can do it, then do it. By jumping to help each other, we ensure nobody has to go at it alone.


Be the person you aspire to be. Respect your coworkers, customers, and partners by being prepared, informed, and ready to go. Your reputation is built on how you carry yourself. Act as if and we can’t lose.


Success isn’t linear — it is a series of ups and downs and the basis for moving forward. Know that when we are struggling, it’s because we are about to succeed. 

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