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Brand Marketing

With emerging channels, dispersed teams and constantly evolving consumer expectations, aligning initiatives across the organization to build a strong emotional connection with your audience is harder than ever.

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Visualize Your Brand Footprint

Develop your brand stories in a shared space to deliver consistency & quality.

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Coordinate Every Brand Moment

Align the strategic development and execution across teams and channels.

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Spend More
Time Creating

Free your team from busy work so you can focus your energy on being strategic.

The world's best brands use Opal for Brand Marketing

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Use Case:Real-Time Marketing

To unite its global community Airbnb needs the ability to respond to world events in real-time with a unified brand message. Opal enabled them to rapidly bring content to market, making it easier to respond quickly anywhere on the planet.


Use Case:Product Launch

Wendy’s has restaurants all over the world and needs to maintain brand consistency as they launch global campaigns and initiatives. Opal provides the visibility required to preserve brand integrity and reputation.

Say goodbye to chaos. Say hello to Opal.

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