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In any direct-to-consumer or channel strategy, alignment across brand and product stories, retail messages, launch dates, email sequences and product announcements is increasingly important and challenging.

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Stay Aligned to Protect Your Brand

With more moving parts than ever, direct-to-consumer teams need alignment and visibility into what everyone is working on. Opal is a single source of truth for global, dispersed teams.

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One Message, One Voice

Consumer touch points with today’s brands are exponentially diverse. Orchestrate your brand’s sophisticated, multi-channel campaigns with a consistent brand voice.

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Timing is Everything

With more disruptive players coming to market than ever, today’s direct-to-consumer brands must be efficient, and nimble. Get your message to market faster than ever with cutting-edge marketing collaboration.

The world's best brands use Opal for Direct-to-Consumer Marketing


Use Case:E-Commerce

Telling a consistent, intriguing story across marketing channels is vital to drive consumers to an ecommerce site. Opal provides Pokemon the visibility they need to execute a meaningful omni-channel strategy to drive more web sales.

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Use Case:Loyalty Program

Activision wants to provide a unique, relevant experience to each Call of Duty customer, which means managing different messages across user types. Opal allows them to organize content so they can easily access the right message for each user.

Say goodbye to chaos. Say hello to Opal.

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