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External Comms

External communications take many forms in today’s fast-paced world. Empower your team with the resources they need to be nimble and effective.

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See It All, Where It Counts

Whether your team is launching a secret product or conveying your brand’s values to shareholders, ensure all external communications are orchestrated seamlessly (and securely) from the plan to delivery.

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Don’t Just React, Respond

Free your team from endless meetings and unnecessary fire drills so when the moment happens, they can respond in a meaningful way.

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Get Buy-In From the Right Players, At the Right Time

Ensure key stakeholders are aware of the plan, the message and the execution strategy before any content takes flight.

The world's leading brands use Opal for External Comms

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Use Case:Public Relations

To strengthen its brand narrative, Chevron’s external communication team needs the ability to respond at a moment’s notice. Opal allows them to seamlessly plan, create and approve content so they are ready to deliver key messages when the moment strikes.

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Use Case:Government/Regulated Industry

NASA’s content requires a complex approval process. Working in Opal allows NASA to ensure that each piece of content produced across its decentralized marketing organization is approved by the right people.

Say goodbye to chaos. Say hello to Opal.

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