Say goodbye to marketing chaos, isolated decisions, misaligned work, missed deadlines and burnt out teams. Say hello to Opal, the platform for marketing collaboration.

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“Opal gives us a window into our marketing around the world.”
- Global Head of Social Media
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"We’re saving 8-10 hours per user, every week with Opal."
- Vice President Global Digital Engagement

The world’s most exceptional brands use Opal for marketing collaboration


Unlock the Potential of Your Marketing & Communications Teams

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Visibility on Demand

Break down silos to provide visibility to campaigns and content across your organization.

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Everyone on the Same Page

Remove barriers to tell an aligned story throughout the entire customer journey.

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Better Work, Faster

Replace spreadsheets, decks and email threads with a unified workspace to increase team efficiency.


Storytelling at Scale

The StoryFirst FrameworkTM is the foundation of the Opal Platform, guiding marketers to think in stories first and organize marketing content at scale.

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Unify marketing plans

Bring teams together to collaborate on brand campaigns, product launches, or any project – all in one place.

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Keep messaging aligned

Organize multi-channel content within moments to keep messaging aligned to the story’s narrative.

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Visually create content

Create all your marketing content in a visual, collaborative environment: social media posts, digital ads, emails, web modules, and more.

A Unified Workspace for Campaign Orchestration

Empower marketing and communications teams with flexibility and agility to bring campaigns and content to life.

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Strategy & Planning

Creative & Production

Review & Approval

Facilitation & Communication

Delivery & Distribution

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Work Faster Across Your Tech Stack

Increase productivity with configurable adapters that integrate with key enterprise marketing technologies.

Say goodbye to chaos. Say hello to Opal.

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